Sunday, May 06, 2007

Still waiting for the postman

Well, I guess I won't get my books before Monday. That's just as well, I guess, because I have my Immunology final tomorrow morning, and knitting books would be a huge distraction from the studying that I should be doing right now. I'm not too worried about my grade. I've already got an A in the class. I'm more intent on showing the professors that I'm a good student so I can get more potential academic references someday!

My friends T&J moved today. I miss them already, even though they'll be back in 2 weeks. At least they're only moving 2 hours away! But P&H are moving several states away next month, and they're taking baby J with them...*sniff*

The Knit-In was fun last night, even if there were only 10 of us instead of the usual 30 or so. We watched the Kentucky Derby on a little TV someone dug up. I started on a Clapotis with my Easter egg dyed yarn and got a good ways on it. I also got the Summer issue of IK and some of this to make a "Fiery Bolero" (from here) to wear over a strapless dress for a wedding this summer. (Although, I got white yarn, so does that make it a Snowy Bolero?) I've started swatching it, and I like the yarn a lot. It's super-soft and feels like Lion Brand Microspun, but it isn't nearly as splitty.

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