Sunday, May 27, 2007

A finished object and two WIP's

Well, I had a ball of white dishcloth cotton, so I made this:

I like it, but it's not a "must repeat." I may get another ball, knit to the same point, and graft them together so the wavy edge works out. The pattern is from the first Barbara Walker stitch dictionary.

And say farewell to the Clapotis:
I measured it, and it's only 15 inches across. It's headed for the frog pond. I wanted a wrap, not a big scarf. How disappointing...

But I did start this!

I'm definitely liking the pattern so far, although the sleeve increases are wonky. (Side note:
ALWAYS check errata before starting a pattern.) I'm using Patons Classic Wool in Leaf Green, with size 4 needles. (I couldn't believe how small I had to go to get gauge!) This is the wool I bought back in February, when my sister asked why I was buying yarn when I had a whole wall full.

In unrelated news, some simple-minded gherkin decided to knock down our brick mailbox this morning...

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