Friday, May 11, 2007

One less thing to stress over

The bridal tea was a success! I'm not sure who was more surprised - the bride that the "girls' lunch" was a bridal shower, or me that the bride was surprised. I was sure I'd let the cat out of the bag several times. We drank tea, we ate scones with lemon curd *yum!*, and we tried on funny hats. (Mine was pretty stinkin' cute, I must say. Pics when she emails me a copy.)

Haven't knitted in a couple of days. We've been too busy getting ready for my sister's graduation. We've been cleaning and cooking like madwomen around here. But tonight was the family dinner thing, tomorrow's graduation, Sunday's Mother's Day, and then it's back to semi-normal.

I got my mom this for Mother's Day! She and I have a thing for Jane Austen. I want to be Elizabeth Bennett when I grow up (minus the family drama). And for graduating sis, this and this. Some of these might be involved as well...

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