Sunday, May 13, 2007

An afternoon of relative peace!

Well, little sis is now a college graduate. My, how time flies...

After graduation, I got in some knitting on Clapotis. It's coming along nicely, although I'm a little worried about the amount of yarn I have left. Two sleevesworth of a good-sized sweater should make a nice Clapotis, shouldn't it?

Yesterday was the most gorgeous day ever. There was hardly any wind - that's a huge deal in Oklahoma - and it was just warm enough to be toasty without overheating. The sun was shining, the grass and trees were as green as can be, and everyone was happy.

Oh, and here are some more flower pics!

I'm slowly learning how to format!

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Alwen said...

I love your foxgloves, and the delphiniums make me think of my Grama Lois -- she always had some against the little fence by her door.