Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wanna see my new toy?

Do ya? Do ya?

Well, click here!

CDR progress: Finished the first repeat of the side cables. My enthusiasm and crazy knitting speed are waning. When you're cabling all the way around the sweater, it tends to slow things down quite a bit.

And look what we saw outside today!

Lotus Knits! is having a contest where you post your first FO. Here's one of my first items - the obligatory acrylic squarish thing.

Yeah...I hope I've improved.
If anyone enters this contest, be sure to tell her you saw it here! :0)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I've started the waist cables on the CDR. It certainly is coming along quickly! So far, I've used two of five balls of Patons Classic Wool. This stuff is pretty nice, but in the second ball, I came across several knots in one of the three plies.

And here's what a lovely swap partner sent me!
That's a hank of Cherry Tree Hill in Turquoise, a hank of Schaefer Anne in Minty, and a skein of Opal Silk Wool in a yellow, brown, purple, pink, and light blue. So far, I'm thinking Bayerische for the CTH, Monkey or Pomatomus for the Schaefer Anne, and Jaywalker for the Opal. I've also got that Nancy Bush book, as well as Sensational Knitted Socks...I'm overwhelming myself. Must stop now.