Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Storm's over...

Now it's time to shovel!

I think we were up to 1165 or so closings on Sunday. The whole city was shut down! Oh, and incidentally, that white stuff you see in the pics below is NOT SNOW. That's ice. Yes, three to four inches of solid-packed, "slicker than snot on a glass doorknob" ice. It's no good for sledding, as DS and DB found out when they rode DB's face down the "hill" behind our house - about a 5 degree angle. All it's good for is messing travel plans up, keeping everything really cold, and keeping people from seeing babies they've been looking forward to...yes, my friend had her baby on January 15th! Baby J and mum and dad are doing very well, praise God! I can't wait to see their new little guy.

I start my first graduate class tomorrow! I can't wait, although I keep having this fear that I'll sleep through my alarm and forget to go. Apparently there's a 200-page syllabus for this class. Yikes. But the book doesn't look too intimidating so far. Yeah, and all that studying I was going to do this weekend? *whistles*

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