Saturday, July 05, 2008

Magic Yarn Ball Goodness!

I'm in the Malabrigo Swap Group at Ravelry, and the current swap is a Magic Yarn Ball swap - you wrap a bunch of goodies in yarn, making a "magic yarn ball." It's lots of fun! (Rats - I should have taken a picture of mine before I sent it. Oh well.) I got home from my Grandmother's house this evening to find this on my doorstep! Thank you, Katy!

It's a box within a box! Curiouser and curiouser!

I see green. Me likes. And a teapot. Me likes even better!

And the total count: a wee teapot (it's the perfect size! my other teapot's a tad big for one tea bag), a wee pot of honey, two tasty teas (English Breakfast and Earl Grey, which is now brewing), a tea strainer, a bag of pretty stitch markers, a Ravelry pin (!), two samples of Soak wool wash in Citrus and Flora (haven't tried those scents yet!), a pair of Brittany straight needles (size 8), a skein of worsted Malabrigo in Water Green (a color I've been coveting), and a skein of laceweight Malabrigo in Verde Esperanza (another color I've been coveting!). What a fantastic MYB! Thanks again, Katy!


katygirl said...

You're very welcome! You were a pleasure to spoil.


Beverly said...

You cashed in! What fabulous goodies. The yarn is just perfect for you! And the little extras - that's really nice of Katy.