Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cute alert

I finished the Tura Maeve dress! It's just in time, too - the intended recipient will be delivered on Tuesday. I'm very pleased with how it (FINALLY) turned out. The hardest part was the skirt. It wasn't that it was difficult. It was the fact that there are (not counting the increase rows) 10,752 knit stitches in that little skirt. Thanks for showing me the pattern, Pat!

On Tuesdays, we have a seminar series at work. Usually they're interesting, but last Tuesday's was about the kinetics of drug absorption. (I think I just drooled a bit just typing that.) So I "ran errands" on my lunch break. And by "ran errands," I mean the Gourmet Yarn Company just got in a shipment of Malabrigo, and this lovely ball of worsted in Noviembre followed me home (as did another skein of Oceanos). I love the colors...for someone else. (Pink and I just don't play nicely together.) I'm knitting a linen stitch scarf for a friend who's moving next month. It'll get done much faster if I stop admiring it and just knit the thing! The linen stitch breaks up the colors and doesn't curl.

That's all I have time for now. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


Beverly said... that's what you got! I just sent you a message on Rav about the new shipment. I shoulda just looked here. The dress is adorable! There's going to be one cutsie baby come Tuesday.

By the way...thank you for the plug in your last post!

Gillian said...

So charming!