Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday afternoon update

Well, I wore my finished Jaywalkers to my Biochemistry test. I guess the procrasti-knitting worked, because I got an 97% on the test! It really wasn't very hard. Oh well. (And I did get almost all of the amino acid R groups memorized.)

Progress on other stuff:

Green Gable: I've separated the arms, but when I tried it on, the bust line looked like it would be a bit snug for my taste, so I did some short-row shaping. A few more rows, and I'll be ready to decrease for waist shaping.

Malabrigo scarf: It's about 4 feet long now. I may cast off soon and make a pair of Fetching or Dashing. The Malabrigo is incredible. If I ever have kids (and a significantly larger paycheck!), I might make them teddy bears out of this stuff. I've petted puppies that are rougher than this yarn.

umm...other stuff: I have this thing about always having at least one pair of socks on the needles. As soon as I cast off for the Jaywalkers, I cast on some basic socks in my last ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes (Purple Stripe colorway). As of Friday, I was nearly ready to start the heel flap. I love that those socks can go so quickly. My personal record is a finished sock in 24 hours with that yarn. Magic Stripes is the only Lion Brand yarn that I really like. It's super-cheap (especially when you get it on sale for $0.76!), machine washable, and cozy-soft once it's washed. And of course, it's being discontinued. Thanks a lot, Lion Brand.

That pesky scarf in the Marble yarn will probably be frogged soon - if I'm getting tired of a Malabrigo scarf, I don't know how I can handle a whole scarf out of acrylic. (Granted, it's good quality acrylic in a lovely color scheme, but still!) I bet it would make pretty wristwarmers. Can you tell I have a love affair with wee projects?

I must confess - I did buy two balls of Lion Brand Incredible (their ribbon yarn) at Michaels a few months ago. It's the Copper Penny colorway (a warm, muted rainbow), and it's oh-so-beautiful until you knit it. The edges of this ribbon feel like edges of cardboard. But it knitted up into a beautiful drop-stitch scarf, and I also made a crocheted headband-type thing that will go great with my hair.

My goal is to use up the less-nice yarns in my stash so when I get to use the lovely ones (Silky Wool - yummy!), I won't have to go back to icky acrylics, etc. And I'm only one stamp away from getting my $20 (?) off at GYC! (Not going to think about how much I've spent there. Most of it was for swaps anyway, right? Can I justify it that way?)

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