Saturday, September 01, 2007

I am studying all weekend.

Seriously. I have a Biochemistry exam on Wednesday morning, an exam for which I'm expected to know all the amino acid R groups (still not sure why I'm taking this class).

So where did this come from?
Here we go again!
Pattern: Green Gable, from Zephyrstyle (via the lovely Becka in the Summer Swap!)
Yarn: Omega Sinfonia, a sportweight cotton, in royal blue
Needles: US 7
Cast on: 8

I'm surprised that I have to use size 7 needles to get gauge. After all, this is sportweight cotton, and my CDR was knit with worsted wool on size 4's.

PS. Thanks to all who commented on the finished CDR! It really wasn't a difficult project. If you're thinking about starting a sweater, GO FOR IT! I could have finished the CDR a lot sooner if I'd worked on it every day. (I only worked on it on weekends for a while, and then I took a several-week break. I'm easily distracted like that.)

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