Friday, August 03, 2007

The Jaywalker, the Needles, and the Addi

Once upon a time, there was a Jaywalker sock. It was a happy sock with many lovely colors. It was a very special sock, for the yarn it was made of was sent to the knitter by a friend. It was also special because the knitter started the sock on a vacation. The sock was being knit on size 1 double-pointed needles. Once in a while, the needles would poke the Jaywalker, but the little sock didn't mind. It was just happy to be knitted up into a beautiful sock with zigzagging stripes! Blue, pink, purple, brown, yellow, and mauve, the sock was very proud of itself.

But things weren't always to go well with the sock. Late one night, somewhere between Amarillo and Elk City, there was a snap. No one knew exactly what had caused it, but there was no doubt as to the effect: One of the sock's needles had broken!

The sock was heelbroken. "What is to become of me now?"

The knitter was exhausted from a very long car ride. "How will I knit the sock now?" she wondered. She kept wondering until she got home in the wee hours of the morning.

The next day, after getting a (precious) few hours of sleep, an idea came to the knitter. "Are you a knitter or not?! Why did you get that Addi Turbo if not to knit socks?"

The Addi was a size one - the same size as the sock's original needles. However, there was a slight problem. "Oh no," cried the knitter, "the Addi size one is 2.5 mm, and the double-pointed needles were also size one, but they were 2.25 mm! Will it work?"

But then the knitter remembered a piece of advice from a very wise knitter. "A bit of variance doesn't matter! Just keep knitting!"

The sock was carefully transfered to the long needle, stitch by stitch. In almost no time at all, the sock was back on its way to being finished!

The knitter put away the double-pointed needles in the Addi bag. "One, two, three, three and a half, four...where's the fifth needle?"

And that wasn't the only happy event for the knitter. The same friend who had sent her the yarn for the Jaywalkers had also sent her another box of lovely knitty goodies! There was a lacy bag to hold a water bottle, a beautiful knitted top, some colorful washcloths, a box of Chai tea, a cute little ducky bath fizzer, and some French soap!

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Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

I'm so happy I can now post on your blog!!!!
Jaywalkers are looking good!! I love the small size addis for socknitting a bit more than I like the small knitpick circs! I know what you mean about the difference in sizes...KP has finally gotten in the 2.25 and 2.75 circs, but everytime I start to order them thay are sold out!
I enjoyed being your Swap Pal, it was a blast!!!