Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day off

I'm taking today off. Due to some contamination problems with our cells, I have absolutely nothing to do in the lab today, and I have a 35 mile round-trip commute (which is almost 1 1/2 gallons of gas). I told my coworkers to call me if they needed me at all. I have a ton and a half of stuff to do around the house.

So why do I feel so guilty for not working?! Maybe my conscience is hyperactive.

I do have pictures to show you, though.

Here's Juliet!
Good: incredibly yummy yarn (Malabrigo Worsted in Tiger Lily), easy but interesting pattern, pretty design
Bad: can't decide what to do regarding buttons on the bodice, can't wear it until it cools down quite significantly

I've also started Emerald from Knitty in some recycled wool from Greece! It's still got the lanolin in it, which unfortunately doesn't agree with my hands. The bulky yarn works up wonderfully quickly. I cast on last Thursday on size 10 needles (for once, I got gauge with the suggested needles!), and all I have to do now is the shawl collar and ribbing. I think I'll do a belt instead of the button.

We've also got some new visitors out back.

Yes, that's a male pheasant, a female turkey, and two ducks. According to our bird books, pheasants don't get this far south. I beg to differ. Not sure where the ducks came from, since we don't have a pond or anything. The four of them like to hang out in the field behind our house. Last year, we had a pair of turkeys with a baby!

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Beverly said...

Your top is so cute! Modeled picture, please? Don't feel guilty about taking a day off. Sometimes you just gotta, you know?

The wildlife is very interesting!