Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to keep an eleven-year-old occupied

The little girl my sister tutors was at our house on Saturday with not much to do. The solution? Give her some recycled cream-colored wool, Kool-Aid, and egg dye.

This is the colorway that Bianka picked out. It's purple egg dye, pink egg dye, and cherry Koolaid-knockoff. The purple separated a bit, but the pink and red turned out well.

So now I have a big ball of girly-colored wool. I'll be making hats or scarves for Bianka and her sister.

This is the colorway I picked out. It's supposed to be dark blues and greens. I mixed blue and green Wilton's food color paste with Wilton's black color paste...and discovered that either the black was just ultra-concentrated red, or vinegar changed the color.

It took soooo long to get all the wool dyed on this one. I had it packed in too tightly, and when I poured on the dye, it stuck to the closest wool and wouldn't budge. Every time I thought it was done, I'd pull a bit out and find huge white blobs. I had high hopes for this colorway ("Mess"), but you can't even see any blue on it!


Beverly said...

Hello! That top yarn looks great...she picked out some fun colors. I'm sure she will really enjoy her knitted gifts from "her" yarn! Yours may not be what you intended, but my first thought was "camo". Does it look like that in person? You could make some scarves and hats for boys with that.

Linda said...

Oh but they're great anyway! Y'all keep on and I'm going to have to give the whole dying thing a shot.

What's up with the purple separating anyway? I've read it other places too.