Thursday, October 11, 2007

Love/hate relationship

This week on Blogstalker: Three things you love and three things you hate!

Let's get the hate over with:

1. See the Swiss-cheese-esque wood? That would be termite fodder. In the cabinet where we keep the cookware. 'Nuff said.

2. This is pretty minor in terms of hatred, but I despise this silverware holder. It's hard to get the silverware out, and it's so unstable that it falls over with an earsplitting crash at least three times a day.

3. Disclaimer: I do not hate Caddie. I love Caddie. What I hate is that she has to wear this collar right now. She had surgery to remove a cancer, and this collar is to keep her from ripping out the stitches in the incision on her tummy. (Her long-term prognosis is very good, though, and she doesn't act like she's in any pain at all.)

Okay, now on to the happy!

1. I love autumn! Exhibit A: fresh apples These are destined to become applesauce and apple butter. Mmm...the house smells so good right now.

2. This is an antique pump organ that we brought back from England. One of my favorite memories is when we finally brought it into the house (it had been quarantined in the garage - mice!), and my dad asked my mom to play Amazing Grace. And then we found out that only one pump was functioning. Playing the pump organ is quite the leg workout! I used to love dusting this organ. There's a lot of woodwork on it, and I used to try to find faces and animals in the designs.

3. an example of how completely insane my family is. (Click for details.) On top, we have "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" a la my little sister (who teaches middle school math, but will always be my little sister). On the bottom, we have some sort of shark-like character with Hebrew writing on its side. My dad did that part - he taught himself Hebrew when he was in high school. (He also had his own X-ray machine in the basement, and he and his best friend would hang out in a classroom doing physics equations during school dances.) They're completely kooky, so I fit right in. I love them all, even though they drive me spare half the time.

Knitting stuff: I finished the first clown sock! And my mother, who (usually) has very good taste, thought it was just amazing. So I guess I'll be making her some socks for Christmas or her birthday.

The Swallowtail Shawl is coming along, but I feel kind of silly taking pictures of it when you can't tell whether or not it's grown. I've got one more repeat of the first lace pattern to go, but my stitch count is off by two. Bummer.

Oh, and check out this sock pattern! I'm definitely making these sometime soon.


Linda said...

Awwww....Hope the dog does well.

Clown socks!! Love it.

Jo said...

I'm sorry that your dog is sick. We have a Caddie as well (short for Cadbury since she is a chocolate lab) and she has to wear a cone because she has nerve damage in her paws and wants to chew on them.

kemtee said...

Oh, the poor puppup. They always look so pitiful with those silly collars.

Ed said...

Poor dog, still laughed my head off tho', there is something both deeply tragic and funny about a dog in a cone.
Nice organ.
How do you make apple butter? Come to think of it, what is apple butter?