Friday, February 23, 2007

Pre-Saturday morning blues

I have to be AT the school at 7:15 tomorrow morning. Bleargh. At least it'll be over by 11 or so. Starbucks gift card, I'll be needing you in the morning. At least the library book sale is tomorrow! Yay! I'll be bringing home way more books than I'll ever need. With any luck, there'll be some neat knitting books. I'm still in awe of finding an Elizabeth Zimmermann book and a Barbara Walker stitch treasury for $2 each at that LYS that closed. I still wish I'd bought more needles. I really need to get over that.

And I need to find something to knit for my cousin's baby! I want to make something really special for her - it's the first grandbaby on either side of the family. How exciting - my cousins are becoming parents!

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