Saturday, January 18, 2014

And I thought eight months was a long hiatus.

Try four years.

And I thought a lot had happened in eight months! Well, let's see. About four months after my last post, I met a guy.

And three hundred sixteen days after we met, this happened.

A year after that, almost exactly down to the moment we said "I do," we had this picture.

Yup! I'm a wife and a mommy now! Our little boy ("Bug") is now fourteen months old and SO STINKING CUTE. Not that I'm biased or anything. I have to say, being a mom is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's also the most important. God has really blessed me with a wonderful family.

Other significant events in the last four years include:
going to Jordan to meet my now-in-laws
going to Ireland on our honeymoon (I'm convinced there is not a bad view in the country)
watching my baby brother say "I do" to the girl he'd been dating for six years (FINALLY!!!)
having a research experiment I ran be the cover picture of a scientific journal
going to Canada for my sister-in-law's wedding

So, knitting.

I had way more time to knit when I was working in the research lab than I do as a stay-at-home mom. In the lab, I would often have days where I had absolutely nothing to do. (Of course, then the next week I'd be there until 9 or later.) So I got a LOT of knitting done - I once finished three sweaters in a month! Now I'm doing more kid knitting, so the projects are a lot smaller, and I'm doing well to finish a sweater in two months. My projects at the moment include a hat out of Malabrigo Rastita in Indiecita (love this color!) and the Great American Aran Afghan in Plymouth Encore. This is my Mount Everest project. Why knit it? Because it's THERE. And it's fun so far. I finished my first square today (thank you, Bug, for naptime!), and it's the perfect mix of near-instant gratification (I think it took a week or less) and intense concentration (I'm looking at you, "increase 28 sts evenly across the row of 48 sts").

I don't know if I'll keep this up, but I felt like updating my blog today. Unfinished e-projects bug me as much as unfinished "real world" ones.

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Beverly said...

Hey! Look who's back! Nice's been a journey for you these last several years, huh? Your little guy is adorable and I know you are a great mom. Hope to see more posts in my blog reader! maybe you will post as often as I do. ;)