Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The pretty, the cute, and the pointy objects

I promised you pretty. Here is the pretty!

This is a scarf knitted from the edging unraveled from a cashmere/silk blend thrift store sweater. The pattern is a basic lily of the valley lace pattern, but I replaced the nupps with the beads. They're sort of a dark jewel-toned rainbow assortment. I love it!

Now, some cute. Remember me writing about Eight Ball the llama? Well, when he was sheared this summer, I brought back the fleece to give to some spinners from the knitting guild. Anna was kind enough to give me a bit of two-ply yarn from my buddy the llama, and so I knit it into a wee sock ornament to give to my grandmother for Christmas. I crocheted a little snowflake and sewed it on to give it a bit more decorative feel. I think it's pretty cute. I hope Grandmother likes it!

Today, I got off work a couple hours early, and I went thrift shopping. I really lucked out at one of the stores. These antique knitting needles were only 49 cents! There are four nine-inch size 17 (1.4 mm, also known to US knitters as 000) needles. I wonder who used to knit with them. Whoever used them must have had super-sturdy hands, because these puppies are SHARP.


Carolyn said...

Beautiful scarf!!!! And how fun...finding those needles in the thrift shop! I'm going to have to get of the ones you go to...I never find anything in the ones I've been to!

yarnintercept said...

The scarf is very pretty! And the litle sock is adorable.

So, are you going to be making socks with a gauge of 15 stitches to the inch on those?

Lanas said...

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