Monday, April 07, 2008

When at first you don't succeed

I'm attempting another Clapotis with some recycled lambswool/silk. Last time I tried Clapotis, I didn't feel I had enough yarn, but I've decided to give over the entire sweater's worth this time. The yarn is black wool with light grey flecks of silk, and its qualities are best appreciated when knit up. The fabric has a springy, elastic, patting-a-sheep's-head feel to it that I'm really enjoying.Yarn: Recycled from size S cabled sweater, 85% wool/15% silk
Needles: US 9 14" straights
Cast on: 4-7-08
Pattern: Clapotis from

This just in - quarter-sized hail in Oklahoma City. (Seriously. We actually put one of those on a quarter.) The hail was coming down so hard that it shattered when it hit our sidewalk or deck! And of course, my dad was running around picking up hailstones while being nailed in the back of the head by those puppies.

Speaking of's Caddie working the cute angle.

Tucker's being shy.
It's hard to get Tucker to look at the camera. I had to hold a treat over my head for this one.


Amanda D Allen said...

Wow! That is some crazy hail. That could do some serious damage to vehicles and homes let alone people.

Michelle Johnnadette said...

Very cute doggies