Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm a bad blogger.

Wow, it's been three weeks since I posted. Bad me. Various and sundry things have been happening - weird viruses, another big test, family events...okay, maybe it's just apathy.

Blogstalker updates first:
1. What's for breakfast? Pumpkin bread, this morning! I love anything involving pumpkin. Pumpkin soup with curry and carrots, pumpkin pie, pumpkin dip for name it. The way I figure it, pumpkin is loaded down with beta-carotene (which your body processes into vitamin A) and fiber, so it makes everything healthy, right?

2. Junk drawer! I cheated a bit and used my bathroom junk drawer, as it's (marginally) more interesting than my main junk drawer. Of course, my junk is mostly just spread out over my room.

We've got Badger Balm (lavender orange - yum!), a couple of headbands, deodorant, my broken glasses (the bobby pins are sticking to a magnet that used to hold on clip-on sunglasses), contact cases, nail polish that I wear once in a blue moon, allergy/cold meds, hair goop, hairbrush, dental floss, a little jam jar that holds my hair pins and clips, and...a bunch of junk. Yeah.

I have been doing some knitting! Remember the bag of dishcloth cotton scraps I got at a thrift store?

Basically, I just started doing a log-cabinesque dishcloth with a mitered square (or in my case, mitered blob) thrown in for fun. I call it the Frankencloth. It's kitschy and ugly and so much fun!

At the November Knit-In (yes, I'm still calling it the Knit-In!), I broke down and got some of this.

I do have a good reason, though. Friday is Oklahoma's centennial! And while pink is one of the last colors I'd pick for Oklahoma (I'd go with purple for redbuds, brick for the red dirt, or that greenish-orange the sky turns just before the tornado sirens go off), it's still named after my state!

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serenebeginnings said...

i have to agree w/you on the oklahoma colorway. i didn't buy it just because i thought 'pink? why pink???' i'm sure there's some obscure reason. ~kathy aka serenebeginnings